Lawn Maintenance Services Spring House, PA

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A lawn is an essential part of your home; it serves as an arena where you can relax, lay games and host an outdoor party or arrange a barbeque. In order to enjoy these activities, your lawn should be well maintained. The following are five lawn maintenance tips that will help you leave your lawn looking beautiful and healthy.Spring-Cleanup-2

Mowing Services

One of the most essential components of lawn maintenance is mowing. Mowing should be done carefully since it has a major impact on the overall quality of a home. When mowing, you need to ensure that you don’t do it too short; mowing too low makes your lawn have a shallow root system.


It is important to add fertilizers into your lawn to make the grass look healthy and greener. However, it is imperative to have knowledge on the appropriate type of fertilizers to use on your lawn. The best time to fertilize your lawn is during the spring.


Irrigation is one of the most significant things you can do on your lawn lest it becomes dehydrated. However, you may cause it to thatch if you use too much water; your lawn should receive at least 2.5cm of water weekly.


Another important maintenance component for your lawn is weeding. You can hand pick weed from your lawn or use weed control chemicals. When using chemicals, it is of most importance to follow instructions so as to make sure you do not under or over use them.

Pest control

It is important to control pests in your lawn. The best time to do this is during the summer months. To check for insects, you should take a shovel or a spade and lift up a section of the grass and count the number of insects. If there are five or more, you should treat your lawn with grub or spray insect control chemicals.

Trimming trees and hedges

If there are trees or hedges in your lawn, it is important that you get them trimmed and shortened to prevent them from over growing. You should also collect any broken branches and fallen leaves from your lawn.

Having a green lawn is one of the most desired things in a home.  A well maintained lawn can make an ideal spot for you to relax and hold picnics and events. It is therefore crucial that you keep it neat and beautiful.

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