Lawn Maintenance Services Hatboro, PA

Looking for a Lawn Maintenance Services serving Hatboro, PA? Look no further than Diego's Landscaping!

With every season comes different challenges especially when it comes to landscaping. Are you the kind of person who doesn't mind the cleaning of your yard or property, but just can't seem to find the time? Family, kids, school, and job work zaps you of all energy making it hard for you to get up and spruce up your yard. If that's the case, Diego's Landscaping Service can work wonders for you.11281832_10204551503164486_1105722945_n

Lawn Maintenance Services

Diego's Landscaping takes the hassle and demanding labor away from you as the company takes on the challenge for themselves. With ten years of experience, Diego's has the knowledge, skill, and high quality equipment to get the job done. Need the lawn cut, bushes trimmed, or any other basic landscaping under the sun? Diego's will give you full services such as:

  • Mulching
  • Tree Trimming and Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Weeding Services
  • Tree and Flower Planting
  • Lawn Maintenance Service
  • Lawn Core Aeration Service

The company is located in Ambler, PA but does plenty of business in the Local Tri-County Region. No matter the size of the job; Diego's go above and beyond all other competitors. Even for the Spring and Fall Seasons, this company work ethic and desire is what separates them from the rest. No worries of scheduling as well and the company works with it's customers for providing them with the ultimate in supreme cleaning.

The (Spring and Fall) Clean-Up gives your property a full make-over in-a-sense thanks to the dramatic change of seasons. The company even offers a 10% discount during these times while giving you full landscaping treatment. You can't be the prices and services here and this is a great time to experience the company's services. Benefits Included are:
With the great success of the company in the local community, Diego's is looking to expand their services into Hatboro, PA. Whether you need landscaping service for one time or every week, or maybe even bi-weekly; Diego's has you covered.

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